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The former Imperial Castle, which has become the premises of today’s ZAMEK Culture Centre, was built in early 20th century as a residence of the emperor Wilhelm II. It is the youngest castle in Europe and one of the most interesting architectural features of Poznań. In the interwar years the edifice housed the newly established University of Poznań. The imperial apartments also provided accommodation for the presidents of Poland during their stays in the city. During World War 2 the castle underwent a comprehensive conversion. For a number of years after the war, the building was the seat of the city authorities, but since 1962 it has almost exclusively served culture. In the recent years the castle has been undergoing systematic restoration works. Thanks to the newly installed facilities it is accessible for the disabled.

The building is found in an exceptionally convenient location – in the city centre, within a walking distance from the railway and coach station as well as several hotels. If needed, vehicle(s) can be left at a guarded car park. ZAMEK Culture Centre leases its spaces and interiors for offices (permanent lease) and for exceptional meetings, banquets or conferences (temporary lease).

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