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We are interested in contemporary art, which employs both traditional means of artistic expression, such as painting, graphic art or sculpture, and the more recent idioms: photography, video, performance or installation. We aim to create conditions for a varied experience of art and its substance in a state-of-art exhibition hall in the modernised part of the building and two permanent galleries located in the historic wing.

The phenomenal architecture of the edifice and its turbulent history inspire numerous artists who carry out site-specific projects. The space of the castle then becomes raw material as well as the protagonist of a work of art.
When we devise the programme of exhibitions, three major elements are combined: diversity, intermediality and openness to debate concerning the foremost trends in art; the interest in social and political issues in the world today is a natural consequence of such an approach.

ZAMEK Culture Centre not only showcases the most recent creative experiments, but also looks back on the outstanding figures and currents in art of the 20th and 19th century. In 2015, some 35,000 people came to ZAMEK to see Painters of Normandy. In 2017, the Castle is likely to witness similar, if not greater numbers of viewers coming to see Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera. The Polish Context. Each of our exhibitions is accompanied by a comprehensive educational programme (including workshops, discussions, panels, lectures) which introduces the audience to what they may see and provides them with a broader background to enhance their experience.  

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