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Theatre is a vital element in Zamek’s story about the world and our identity. We are interested in social themes, in engaged and engaging art. We reject norms and overcome stereotypes as well as promote openness and equality in access to the stage. We seek to be attentive to and mindful of the needs and possibilities of each and every person.

The multi-threaded and multidisciplinary program of CK ZAMEK is based on the interpenetration of arts. Performative events often appear in our social and residential programs and at our festivals.

Zamek also hosts Poznań-based fringe companies and major events of festivals and reviews held in our city.


The year 2016 saw the launch of an original performative programme which highlights the universality of the language of theatre as an art medium (with projects such as Common Theatre, Presence and the current Europe Beyond Access). We reject norms and overcome stereotypes as well as promote openness and equality in access to the stage. We seek to be attentive to and mindful of the needs and possibilities of each and every person.

Our activities in this field are a significant voice in Polish and European discourse concerning the presence of people with disabilities on stage. Together with artists from Poland and abroad, we renegotiate the prevalent understanding of normativity in theatre. Its conventions—whether regarding appearance, physical ability or mental state—all too often exclude persons with disabilities from active participation in culture, from a full-fledged presence in the creative milieu.

Our theatre programme in 2024-27 will be taking place within the framework of EUROPE BEYOND ACCESS (EBA) project, as Zamek has joined nine partner institutions from Europe, thanks to a grant from Creative Europe. EBA is the largest and most influential international initiative that promotes active participation of artists with disabilities in mainstream dance and theatre.


Earlier stages of the program:

COMMON THEATRE (2016-2021)

PRESENCE (2022-2023)

The theatre programme at ZAMEK Culture Centre in Poznań spans guest performances by the world's leading collectives, meetings with outstanding artists, workshops, laboratories, discussion panels, as well as film and publishing projects. Still, our chief effort consists in supporting the work and further development of Zamek’s three theatre groups, to enable them to create and stage their performances:



 THEATRE JEST JAK JEST                



Polish Performing Arts Network. Pilot Programme is an initiative aimed towards exploring and charting a new direction of development for performing arts. Three major institutions with extensive and well-documented experience in supporting independent art have come forwards with a pilot programme to establish and test collaborative production at interregional level. Drawing on our own substantial expertise in fostering cultural life, previous international cooperations and the knowledge  input from other networks of the kind, we hope to launch a professional, long-term project: the Polish Performing Arts Network.

In the 2024 pilot programme, one performative co-production will be selected through open call. Developed as part of the art residency scheme at CK ZAMEK, it will ultimately premiere in Poznań. Subsequently, the outcome will be presented on the stages of Instytut Kultury Miejskiej in Gdańsk and Teatr Komuna Warszawa.


In addition, CK ZAMEK is home to theatre studios for children and adolescents. The workshops conducted there enable versatile development and creative expression for all those who feel a vocation for the stage. Thus children enroll with our Theatre Train, whereas teenagers and a group of adults work on their performances as part of the Theatre Studio.




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